As a paving company in Dover, DE, we are dedicated to giving you premium commercial paving services. Our top rated, licensed, bonded, and insured paving contractors do their best to give you affordable and reliable service. Whether you need resurfacing, repairs, or sealcoating services in Dover, DE, Dover Paving is happy to help. We offer free paving estimates as well. Simply reach out to us for driveway and parking lot commercial paving services. When you make us your go-to paving company near me, we provide reliable and trustworthy paving services throughout the area.

Commercial Paving Services in Dover, DE

As a paving company, we are experienced and have the skills needed to make your commercial property look its best. No matter what sized paving project you have, we can maximize your property and give you the best possible outcomes. From parking lots to driveway paving and everything in between, we offer you a chance to hire Dover’s best asphalt contractors.

Parking Lot Installations


Are you about to pave your new parking lot? If so, then our parking lot installation services are the best fit. We handle everything from grinding and milling your previous parking lot (if there is one), to leveling the soil below the parking lot, and all the way to striping your parking lot. You won’t need any other paving company for parking lot installations.

Parking Lot Repairs

Repairing your commercial parking lot is important. We specialize in all sorts of parking lot repairs, from potholes to cracks or even more serious damage repairs, we can do it all. Find out how much your parking lot repairs are going to cost by contacting the Dover Paving team.

Paving Sealcoating

Sealcoating services are so important for any type of asphalt. Sealcoating protects your asphalt from water and traffic damage. We use sealcoating to bind to your top layer of asphalt to secure your asphalt and prevent costly repairs.


Our parking lot services include repairs, installations, and sealcoating services throughout Dover, DE. Our professional and top rated paving contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured and our team has great reviews from our former customers. Feel free to read those and then contact us for parking lot asphalt paving solutions for your commercial business.

Commercial Specialty Paving Projects

Dover Paving is not just a professional asphalt paving company, but our team is made-up of engineers. We know how to navigate even the most complex paving project. We use the right asphalt mixes to ensure that your property looks great no matter what. Commercial paving contractors should have the experience and skills to maximize your asphalt space, we do. We also offer specialty commercial paving services throughout Dover, DE.

Golf Cart Pathways

If your golf cart asphalt pathways need to be repaired, installed, or simply resurfaced, we can help. Our asphalt specialty services are designed to make sure your golf cart pathways look great no matter what.

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts are typically made from asphalt. We provide paving solutions that protect your tennis court from weather and traffic damage.

For all your commercial asphalt paving services in Dover, DE, turn to the experts at Dover Paving. We are committed to giving you the best asphalt services for an affordable price point. Simply contact us directly for a free estimate.