Providing Commercial Paving or Residential Driveway services near you.

At Dover Paving, we know how to make sure your asphalt is the best possible condition. We specialize in both residential and commercial asphalt paving solutions throughout Dover, DE. Our team offers free consultations and inspections for all your paving service needs. We provide written estimates that are designed to support your pavement whether it is business or residential. No matter if you’re looking for asphalt company for paving near me in Dover or want to get in touch with an affordable, trustworthy asphalt paving contracting team, we are the right fit. Our wide variety of services includes asphalt repairs, resurfacing, sealcoating, and new pavement installations. Regardless of the size of your project, we can help. From minor potholes to massive re-pavement, we do it all. Our commitment to being the best at what we do helps us stand out from other paving companies in Dover, DE.

Good news, our team of paving contractors are incredibly friendly and highly trained to answer any questions you may have. Our asphalt paving solutions are also affordably priced. When you use the contact form, we will answer as quickly as possible and always thoroughly. If you have questions about our services, we can help there too. Everything we do is designed to support your needs. From increasing the curb appeal of your property to enhancing your commercial parking lot, we do it all for a great price.

Proud to Be Local Paving Contractors

At Dover Paving, we are proud to be your go-to local paving near me contractors in Dover, DE. We are top rated, licensed, bonded, and insured and ready to help our clients throughout Dover. We are dedicated to giving our clients premium results whether that is commercial or residential. Those services include:

Installing New Asphalt

We install new asphalt for businesses and homeowners. Whether you need a roadway paved or a parking lot paved, we can help. We use the best quality asphalt mixes to ensure your property looks incredible when we are done.


Our resurfacing services are a great way of reducing the need for repaving your asphalt. This saves you money and time. We will get rid of all your asphalt damage with our resurfacing services.

Sealcoating Services

We also provide sealcoating maintenance services. Our commercial and residential asphalt paving solutions include sealcoating. This protects the top layer of your asphalt from weather and other damage.

Generalized Repairs

If you have a few minor cracks or more complex asphalt damage, then we can help there too. We can repair driveways, parking lots, private roadways, and pathways.

When you’re ready to hire a reliable, transparent, honest, and committed team of contractors offering paving near me in Dover, then simply contact our team today. We will happily answer your questions and give you a fair and affordable quote for your asphalt. Drop us a message to get a fast and friendly response from dedicated paving contractors in your area. We look forward to speaking with you.